Modern Infrastructure as Code with Pulumi



This workshop teaches you “Modern” Infrastructure as Code (IaC) concepts through a series of hands-on labs, using Pulumi. Topics covered include IaC fundamentals, in addition to application architectures and how to use IaC to create, update, and manage them.

By the end of this workshop you will understand the benefits of using IaC with Pulumi.

This workshop focuses on Pulumi’s TypeScript SDK.


You will begin this workshop as the newest member of Mythical Mysfits. A fictitious company that started off with their famous “Hello world” product and evolved into being a world leader in the unicorn socks rental market.

You have 2 hours to ramp up and take over the infrastructure team. It might sound hard but to quote the CEO of the company: “It is a very simple task, but hey I’m not a very technical guy”.

Learning Objectives

  • Getting started with Pulumi
  • Deploy a website on Amazon S3
  • Deploy Amazon EKS Infrastructure
  • Deploy an application on Amazon EKS
  • Create a reusable infrastructure component

In this workshop, we have selected containers and various other technologies to demonstrante the strength of IaC. At the end of the workshop you can continue to the additional content section, where you can find more labs to explore other components to work with such as serverless and EC2.

The examples and sample code provided in this workshop are intended to be consumed as instructional content. These will help you understand how various cloud services can be used to build a solution while demonstrating best practices along the way. These examples are not intended for use in production environments.