1.7 Destroying Your Infrastructure

The final step is to destroy all of the resources from the two stacks created.

Step 1 — Destroy Resources

First, destroy the resources in your current stack:

pulumi destroy

This will show you a preview, much like the pulumi up command does:

Previewing destroy (prod):

     Type                    Name               Plan
 -   pulumi:pulumi:Stack     iac-workshop-prod  delete
 -   ├─ aws:s3:BucketObject  index.html         delete
 -   └─ aws:s3:Bucket        my-bucket          delete

  - bucketEndpoint: "http://my-bucket-5692022.s3-website-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com"
  - bucketName    : "my-bucket-5692022"

    - 3 to delete

Do you want to perform this destroy?
> no

To proceed, select yes.

Destroying (prod):

     Type                    Name               Status
 -   pulumi:pulumi:Stack     iac-workshop-prod  deleted
 -   ├─ aws:s3:BucketObject  index.html         deleted
 -   └─ aws:s3:Bucket        my-bucket          deleted

  - bucketEndpoint: "http://my-bucket-5692022.s3-website-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com"
  - bucketName    : "my-bucket-5692022"

    - 3 deleted

Duration: 6s

Permalink: https://app.pulumi.com/workshops/iac-workshop/prod/updates/2
The resources in the stack have been deleted, but the history and configuration
associated with the stack are still maintained. If you want to remove the stack
completely, run 'pulumi stack rm prod'.

Step 2 — Remove the Stack

The AWS resources for this stack have been destroyed. Per the message printed at the end, however, the stack itself, however, is still known to Pulumi. This means all past history is still available and you can perform subsequent updates on this stack.

Now, fully remove the stack and all history:

pulumi stack rm

This is irreversible and so asks to confirm that this is your intent:

This will permanently remove the 'prod' stack!
Please confirm that this is what you'd like to do by typing ("prod"):

Type the name of the stack and hit enter. The stack is now gone.

Step 3 — Select Another Stack, Rinse and Repeat

After destroying prod, you still have the dev stack. To destroy it too, first select it:

pulumi stack select dev

Now, go back and repeat steps 1 and 2.

Step 4 — Verify That Stacks are Gone

Verify that all of this projec’ts stacks are now gone:

pulumi stack ls